Adams, Albert & Curry Agency Inc.

Commitment means more than having an office in town. To us, commitment means being involved, active in the community and dedicated to it's growth. The Adams, Albert and Curry Agency is committed to the people of Shelby and has been for over three generations.

Our Mission:

To be the full service independent agency our customers want to do business with - forever. To earn this trust, we pledge our unconditional commitment to honesty, confidentiality, and high levels of Personal Service.

Your Insurance:

It's among the most important investments you will ever make. To protect your financial future, you need more that a collection of policies. You need a coordinated program of protection, planned by a professional. Planned to meet your unique, personal needs and circumstances. Planned to help you make the right choices based on knowledge and understanding.

Our commitment:

We are committed to helping you get your best insurance value. Although we could sell you a policy, the same policy as other agencies, we prefer to offer you the service of a total insurance review. We can serve you better by handling all of your insurance needs.